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Nursing Negligence Claims

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The primary duty of a nurse is to deliver care, addressing the health needs of their patients. They document and monitor patient progress, aiding in the recovery process, and administer medication and treatment. Some also assist in diagnosis and treatment of common presentations such as DVT.

Nurses are often the individuals who see a patient most frequently and are best placed to notice any change or deterioration in health. However, if they fail to achieve an acceptable level of care, resulting in harm, it could constitute nursing negligence. In such instances, you might have a valid case for negligence.

What is classed as Nursing Negligence?

Nursing negligence arises when the level of care delivered by a nurse falls below what is deemed acceptable, leading to mental and/or physical injury to a patient. This can occur when nursing care does not align with the expected standard of competence for a qualified nurse.

Various nursing errors can occur, including instances involving midwifery care during childbirth. The most common include failures to monitor a patient adequately and administering medication incorrectly but also range from failing to record information accurately to procedural errors resulting in patient injury due to deviation from established protocols.

Common types of Nursing Negligence?

Instances of nursing negligence may manifest in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other care facilities. Typical scenarios include:


  • Neglecting to adhere to a physician’s directives or treatment regimen
  • Failing to notify a senior physician of a patient’s deteriorating condition
  • Breaching hygiene protocols, resulting in infections
  • Dispensing incorrect medications or dosages
  • Inadequately monitoring a patient’s health, resulting in delayed diagnosis and treatment.
  • Misusing medical equipment
  • Mishandling patients during transfers, leading to fractures and similar injuries
  • Overlooking the anticipation, prevention, or treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Failing to carry out appropriate risk assessments

Have Confidence and Support from an Expert Legal Team

If you or a loved one has suffered unnecessarily, Medical Negligence Solutions can help you claim compensation.

Our professional team have more than 25 years’ of experience dealing with a wide range of medical negligence claims, including nursing and midwifery errors.

Nursing Negligence claims can be challenging, particularly as most nursing staff provide care with compassion and diligence leading to a reluctance to claim for their mistakes. Such claims also carry a particular burden in terms of evidence. Medical Negligence Solutions are experienced in overcoming these obstacles.

We will guide you through the complex legal process with clarity and confidence.

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